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Click below link for Lindsay's Law information and required forms. Must be completed prior to practicing!  Turn form into your coach at the first practice!!

Harrison Community Basketball is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose goal is to provide players and coaches an opportunity to embrace the game of basketball. The organization strives to create a positive experience for all players involved, while at the same time provide them the opportunity to better understand the game of basketball and improve their skills to whatever level each player wishes to strive for.

The organization emphasizes and instills in each player the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. The organization also strives to promote a positive attitude among the players, coaches, referees and spectators, and therefore does not tolerate unsportsman-like conduct or inappropriate behavior of any kind. The goal of Harrison Community Basketball is to continually provide a positive environment for all players and coaches to learn, improve and compete in the game of basketball.

**All parents with children in grades 3-12th, will be asked to volunteer to help collect gate fees.  This is one way to keep cost down from year to year.  Thank you for cooperation.**

Kindergarten: Games and practices will take place all on same night.

Select grades 4-6 (Boys and Girls): 20 games scheduled within the Cincinnati Premier League, two practices per week, and one in season tournament, and one post season tournament.

Instructional grades 1-2 (Boys and Girls): One practice per week and 8-10 games 

Rec/High Rec grades 3-8 (Boys and Girls): 10 games scheduled within Cincinnati Premier League, one practice per week, post season tournament.

High School (Boys and Girls): 10 game scheduled within the Cincinnati Premier League, NO PRACTICE will be provided.


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