1st&2nd Grade Rules

At this age level, the game of basketball is just being introduced to the players and is therefore instructional. In the interest of players, the following rules will apply to ALL games.
The basketball height will be between 8 & 9 feet.
The free throw distance will be 9 feet.
The 3 second rule will be applied for the width of the lane & from the base line to the designated free throw line. (9 feet)
There will be a 5 minute warm-up prior to the start of each game.
Games will consist of (2) 16 minute halves with a running clock. The clock will not stop expect for the following:
Free Throws
There will be a 5 minute half time for all games.
Each team will receive (2) timeouts per half.

  1. No score will be kept. This is instructional; the emphasis should be on teaching proper basketball play not winning and losing.
  2. Fouls will be called by referees in the course of the games, however, personal fouls and team fouls will not be kept track of. Should a player be committing fouls excessively, the player should be removed from play by the referee or the coach so that the coach can provide further instruction on the bench.
  3. No guarding in the back court. ( No Press)
  4. No fast break is allowed. If a bound results in a change of possession, the defensive team must be allowed to fall back and prepare to play defense. This will greatly reduce the natural desire to guard in the back court as well as encourage teams to play defense properly and encourage offense to be ran rather than exploit a minimal number of players’ individual abilities.
  5. No 3-point shots.
  6. No zone defense. All players are to play men-to-man defense with help side only.